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Physical Therapy Department

Northwest Orthopedic Surgery is proud to be able to offer its patients a convenient and highly trained Physical Therapy department. Physical Therapy is an integral part of orthopedic care as it assists in bringing the patient back to living a normal life. Our doctors at Northwest Orthopedic Surgery frequently use physical therapy as an exercise treatment methodology aimed at the treatment of certain physical ailments. It also aids patients in the prevention of re-occurring injuries.

Physical Therapy is usually prescribed to patients who have permanent disabilities, those who have recently had major surgery, those who have had a major injury, or for those suffering from crippling diseases such as arthritis and lower back pain. The patients are taught how to function in everyday life within their physical limitations. It is possible for the patient to regain a major part of the mobility of their joints, achieve flexibility, and acquire better balance and coordination. Physical Therapy also greatly improves a patient's overall fitness and health.

The overall success of a physical therapy program must include a combination of diligence, compliance, and dedication. This is achieved through continued interaction between doctor, patient, and physical therapist. Physical Therapy programs can be constantly adjusted at the discretion of the doctor based on the patient's overall improvement. Each program is patient specific.

Northwest Rehabilitation consists of therapists that are experts in kinesiology (human movement) and who treat patients to meet their healthcare and post-operative rehabilitation needs. At Northwest Rehabilitation, individualized care and treatment is provided to all patients with the goal of helping the patient return to normal functional status. Our therapists provide the patient with education, manual techniques, therapeutic exercises, modalities, home exercise program instruction, and injury prevention.

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