Insurance & Billing


NWOS Accepts Medicare


Most often a deductible is required of you. This means that you are responsible for a certain amount of money first before the insurance company pays the remainder of the bill.


You may be required to pay a "Co-Pay" fee up front. This usually means a nominal fee for each visit to any physician. We suggest that you contact your insurance company directly with questions regarding any of the above items. We do not always know the specifics of each plan.

Types of Insurance

In addition to Medicare, we are contracted with many insurance companies. Please check with your insurance provider directory to see if we are listed. We will submit a computerized form to your insurance company for services rendered. If NWOS is out of your insurance plan network, or if you are not sure, please contact us to discuss our out of network options or to help check if your insurance plan is in or out of network.


If you are an HMO patient, you most likely will be required to see your PCP, Primary Care Physician, first before seeing any specialist. (Some PPO plans also require a PCP visit, check your policy or contact our office for details).