Fracture care

Northwest Orthopedic Surgery provides fracture care with conservative treatment as well as surgical intervention.  We understand our patient’s time is valuable; we are committed to providing same day appointments for orthopedic injuries including fractures in order to avoid a trip to the emergency room for non-life threating orthopedic conditions.  Onsite technology including digital X-ray, fluoroscopy, and same day MRI allows us to provide early diagnosis and definitive treatment without delay.  Non-surgical treatment of fractures may include closed reduction, casting, splinting, or bracing. Our physicians manage the treatment and rehabilitation process of the injury. If surgery is indicated, our physicians are expertly trained to perform a variety of procedures which include open reduction of the fracture, plating, pinning, bone grafting, and joint replacement.

Physicians Providing Fracture Care

Richard Mannion M.D., F.A.C.S
Gerard Marty M.D.
Thomas Tingle, M.D.
Sergey Kachar D.O. 
Richard Tuttle M.D.  (non-surgical)
Malik Abraham D.P.M.